Barnard Castle Life - picture of the castle taken from the Startforth side of the river

Barney Calling! Hullo ! Barney calling! all you folk in town,
All you busy workmen, throw your hammers down!
All you tired housewives, kiddies home from school,
Barney moors are breezy, Barney woods are cool!

You in shop and office, men from noisy docks,
Barney fields are smiling in their summer smocks,
All the flowers are calling, all the rustling trees
Singing, "Come to Barney, by the silver Tees!"

Every little streamlet, 'plashing on its way,
Bids you pack your trunk and quickly come away.
Every little cobble stone, each familiar street,
Lures you back to Barney with a welcome sweet.

Hullo! Barney Calling! Come and roam again,
Every little woodland path, every shady lane,
Ramble o'er the purple hills, scale the Castle walls,

Margery Walker 1951