Barnard Castle life - picture of Flatts Woods The Kings Walk

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These different paths take you to different areas of the woods but most lead you to exits either in Woodside, Flatts road or take you The Bandstand.

You could follow the river from the bandstand back towards town past The Silver Bridge (or across into Deepdale if you wish to continue your walk) then either up into the Scar Top or still following the river to the Gas Works Monument then onto the castle itself. From here up the steps to the Scar Top or continue past the castle onto Bridgegate and up The Bank into the town.

Flatts Woods Picture Map

Instead of heading to the town head past the Bandstand following the path of the river for around half a mile brings you to what is left of the Old Railway Viaduct, now just a stone relic showing the location of the magnificent bridge.

Alternatively keep following the river to the North East of Cotherstone you will find a bridge to take you over the river. Either continue onto Cotherstone or follow the river path back to the main road passing the other side of the Old Viaduct on the way.

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